To elevate the chocolate taste experience, Lindt recommends the following chocolate and wine pairings:

Lindt EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa paired with J. Lohr Hilltop Cabernet Sauvignon

Ripe aromas of blueberry and black plum meld with a bouquet of chocolate and hazelnut in this superb wine. Pair it with the balanced and rich EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa which features notes of tobacco, leather and roasted nuts. They are a match in both depth and body and finish with a creaminess that coats the palate.

Lindt EXCELLENCE Chili paired with J. Lohr Estates South Ridge Syrah

This is an elegant red wine with deep, rich fruit aromas and flavors of pomegranate, blueberry and prune with a spicy finish. Experience it with EXCELLENCE Chili, a fine aromatic sweet dark chocolate perfumed with premium red chili. Enjoyed together they create spicy warmth that bursts onto the palate.

Lindt EXCELLENCE Intense Orange paired with J. Lohr October Night Chardonnay

Floral aromas with lemon curd, beeswax and toasty vanilla are present in this wonderfully complex wine. It is the ideal match for the sweet citrus profile and equally complex EXCELLENCE Intense Orange. Full fruit flavors and a balanced seam of acidity work in unison to create perfection!

Lindt EXCELLENCE A Touch of Sea Salt paired with J. Lohr Fog's Reach Pinot Noir

The fresh ripe berries in this wine are accompanied by a touch of earth and brown sugar that complement the sharpness of the Fleur de Sel and sweet cacao characteristics of EXCELLENCE A Touch of Sea Salt. Together they invoke flavors reminiscent of fresh cream, butter and finish with a pleasant tanginess.

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