Premium chocolate is something to be savored and appreciated.

Share the flavors found in the Lindt Excellence collection with family and friends by hosting a unique and sophisticated chocolate tasting party. Follow these seven easy steps to create an indulgent gathering that is fun and enjoyable for everyone without going over the top.

Follow these steps to host an Excellence Tasting Paryt:

Step 1. Create an Atmostphere

Set the mood for a festive occasion. Ensure proper attention can be focused on tasting and assessing the flavors experienced in each unique Excellence bar.

Step 2. Control the temperature

The taste of chocolate develops best at room temperature, so make sure your hosting space is neither too hot nor cold.

Step 3. From 0 to 100 percent

Begin the tasting with chocolate that has the lowest percentage of cocoa. For example, start with Excellence 50% and gradually work your way up to darker chocolates such as Excellence 90% cocoa, or even Excellence 99%. For an added twist, make sure to have a few unique flavors on hand, such as A Touch of Sea Salt or Chili.

Step 4. Neutralize the palate

Before tasting do not eat any highly spiced foods. In-between different varieties of chocolate, cleanse the palate with room temperature water, crackers or weakly brewed tea.

Step 5. Limit your amount

Limit the number of chocolate varieties you and your guests will taste. Too many will dull the palate, especially for the novice chocolate connoisseur. We recommend you try to keep the tasting to 5-7 of your favorite Excellence bars. Allow approximately a ½ ounce of each chocolate to be tasted per person.

Step 6. Savor the taste

Eat the chocolate slowly and let it melt on your tongue to fully appreciate the complexity of flavors found in each chocolate.

Step 7. Discuss the experience

Discussing each person's individual experience leads to fun discoveries of what Excellence has to offer. What variety of scents and flavors did the chocolate reveal? What was your favorite? Which aromas did you identify? What surprised you?

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